July 14 Crypto Market Review: Bitcoin and Altcoin Daily Analysis

In the July 14 crypto money summary, you can follow the daily support-resistance levels of the top 4 cryptos with the current figures of the market.

July 14 crypto total cap started the day at $ 266 billion. Yesterday, there was a 1 percent decrease in total capital value. Looking at the Altcoin market, it was seen that the total value reached $ 100 billion sometime yesterday. With the outflow of funds that followed, capital value started the new day in the 96 billion dollar band.

Bitcoin domination dropped to 63 percent yesterday. Then came an increase due to exits from the altcoin market and was currently moving up to 64 percent.

After a 3 percent average return on top 4 cryptocurrencies at the same time yesterday, today we find a negative return of 2.65 percent. In the top 4, except for Binance Coin, it is seen that other coins are negative.

July 14 Crypto Support-Resistance Levels (Top 4)

We have determined the daily support resistance levels of the top 10 cryptocurrencies according to the current price movements in the list (excluding Tether) according to the cap value. While the pivot levels we have determined are likely to be decisive price levels for the daily direction of Bitcoin and high-value altcoins, support and resistance prices are possible values ​​that the market can react to based on yesterday’s price movements.


Resistance 3 Resistance 2 Resistance 1 Pivot Support 1 Support 2 Support 3
          9.405,37           9.350,77           9.317,04           9.262,44           9.207,84    9.174,11           9.119,51

Bitcoin started the day with $ 9,240 after watching a downtrend yesterday. It was observed that the downtrend continued in Asian trading hours, while BTCUSDT dropped below $ 9,200.

For Bitcoin, which continues in the negative course, $ 9,200 stands as an important support price. Hourly closings above $ 9,260 are needed for recovery in BTC.


Resistance 3 Resistance 2 Resistance 1 Pivot Support 1 Support 2 Support 3
             248,72              245,66              243,78              240,72              237,66        235,78              232,72

Ethereum fell from $ 245 to $ 237 again yesterday. For ETHUSDT, which found buyers at $ 237 the day before, the $ 235-238 band appears to be an important area for the losses not to increase.

If Ether manages to cling to the first support level in the chart, the next hurdle for the bullish is likely to be $ 240.


Resistance 3 Resistance 2 Resistance 1 Pivot Support 1 Support 2 Support 3
0,2091 0,2056 0,2034 0,1999 0,1964 0,1942 0,1907

Xrp fell to $ 0.191 after rising to $ 0.206 yesterday. Later, the Ripple token reached a balance of $ 0.198 at the end of the day.

In Xrp, where the negative course continues, it can be seen that the declines can continue up to $ 0.19. Hourly closings above $ 0.199 are needed for the recovery in Altcoin.


Bitcoin Cash
Resistance 3 Resistance 2 Resistance 1 Pivot Support 1 Support 2 Support 3
             241,40              238,09              236,04              232,74              229,43        227,38              224,08

Bitcoin Cash was flat on the $ 236 band yesterday and collapsed to $ 223 with sell-off towards the end of the day. Under $ 230, buyers regain control, while the day ended at $ 232.

It is observed that the downtrend still continues in the new day. There is a possibility that BCH, which is located in the negative zone in the morning, will test its $ 224 support. The $ 232 BCH daily pivot will be decisive for stopping this short term fall of crypto.

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