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September 17 Crypto Market Review: Bitcoin and Altcoin Daily Analysis

You can find the current numbers of the market and the top 4 cryptocurrency support resistance levels In the September 17 crypto review.

The current figures of the September 17 crypto markets are as follows:

*Billion $ Today Change
Total Market Cap* 330,43 1,09%
Altcoin Market Cap* 127,95 0,39%
Bitcoin  Dominance 60,28 -1,20%
Total Volume (24 H)* 134,88 17,57%
** figures are based on the beginning of the day.

September 17, the cryptocurrency market cap reached 330 billion dollars in the morning hours. While the average volume has been low in the last 24 hours, it is seen that the altcoin capital has remained almost constant.

Latest in Bitcoin (BTC)

As a result of the FED meeting yesterday, a moderate course was followed with the prediction that the policy rate will be kept constant and that the interests will remain close to zero until 2023. Bitcoin, on the other hand, after rising to $ 11,093 by the time of the meeting, entered a short-term bearish trend and relaxed to the $ 10,800 support. As long as Bitcoin remains below $ 10,900 today, it risks slumping towards the $ 10,500 band.

Latest in Ethereum (ETH)

Ethereum (ETH) jumped from $ 365 to $ 385 at the new day opening. The positive outlook continues for Ether, priced just below $ 380 in the morning. While $ 375 is seen as an important support point in ETH / USDT today, it can be expected that Ethereum will break the $ 385 resistance if this price is maintained.The price movements of the top 4 cryptocurrencies (excluding Tether) that dominate the crypto market in the last 24 hours are as follows:

Coin Market Cap Price Change (24h)
Bitcoin $201.301.580.543 $10.886,14 0,62%
Ethereum $42.899.566.678 $380,88 4,93%
XRP $ $0,250167 3,65%
Polkadot $4.417.615.484 $5,18 0,59%


September 17 Crypto Support-Resistance Levels (top 4)

september 17 crypto

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