Towards Day Close: Crypto Market End State, Top Gainer & Loser Altcoins

Crypto market final situation towards the close of the day, what were the most profitable and losing cryptocurrencies today? You can find the details in our content.

Crypto market cap was at the level of $337 billion towards the end of the day. The crypto market that drops to $331 billion during the day. However, according to the opening of the day, there is a fund outflow of 10 billion dollars.

In addition, the Altcoin market fell 3.48 percent to below $130 billion. According to the past fund movements, the level of 127 billion dollars is an important support.

If we evaluate the day for Bitcoin, we can say that it is following a volatile course. Top crypto moved in the range of $11,500-11,100 today.

Although the market was on the decline, there were high-earning altcoins today, as every day. And also altcoins that make investors lose. Towards the close of the day, the top 100 gainer and loser altcoins are as follows:

Gainers in Top 100 (24h) :

UMA – $UMA | 20.57%
Serum – $SRM | 18.43%
Decentraland – $MANA | 6.48%
Ampleforth – $AMPL | 3.17%
Celsius Network – $CEL | 3.07%

Losers in Top 100 (24h)

Kusama – $KSM | -17.99%
Aragon – $ANT | -17.36%
Qtum – $QTUM | -12.43%
Theta Network – $THETA | -12.30%
Nervos Network – $CKB | -12.13%

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Disclaimer: The information in the content is not an investment advice. Author and are not responsible for your profit or loss. Every investment involves risks and requires knowledge.

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Coin Analista
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